When in Tsukiji, First Go to Plat Tsukiji (Tourist Information Center)

Just like any other market, at the Tsukiji Fish Market things can get a little hard to find and it’s easy to get lost with all the inner streets and alleyways.

And when you’re in Tokyo’s former largest fish market, Plat Tsukiji (the tourist information center at Tsukiji) is your best friend when it comes to finding out about the freshest catch of the day as well as to now about the latest on offer, and the best chows on that day.

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Inside Plat Tsukiji Tourist Information Center

And like I suggested in my best things to do in Tsukiji Fish Market article, I recommend you go to Tsukiji Plat first thing to orient you about the entire place first and also to help you strategize your visit.

Plat Tsukiji is not only a treasure trove of information about the market, there are also other tourist-handy things you can do at this place:

1. Get maps and other brochures

This is the only place you can get your physical Tsukiji maps and other brochures, so it’s already worth a visit just because of that.

You can also download their official Tsukiji Outer Market map here.

2. Ask the attendants about the hidden gems and places that are popular to locals

The local aunties and uncles running the place are all very eager to chat and tell you about Tsukiji Fish Market, its history, and also what’s good on that day. They speak English pretty ok, so you can ask them any questions you have about Tsukiji.

3. Buy Tsukiji-related souvenirs

Exclusive Tsukiji-related t-shirts (they have nicely designed shirts on sale), souvenirs, and other interesting merch that can only be found at this place – if you’re looking for exclusive Tsukiji Fish Market souvenirs, this is the place to be.

Exclusive Tsukiji Shirt for sale at Plat Tsukiji
Aside from exclusive Tsukiji t-shirts, they also sell Hello Kitty x Tsukiji eco bags here. So kawaii!
Aside from exclusive Tsukiji t-shirts, they also sell Hello Kitty x Tsukiji eco bags here. So kawaii!

5. Stash your heavy bags and luggage at the lockers

We all know how dreadful it is having to lug a heavy bag or luggage around Tokyo, and it’s especially true for Tsukiji where the narrow alleys and heavy tourist crowd make for an additional stress to those carrying heavy stuff.

It’s a good thing they have luggage storage lockers here, just make sure to be early enough so you can grab a spot.

4. Money exchange, ATM, and tax refund counters

These all come in handy when you need cash to fund your street food and shopping adventure at the market. Note that a lot of shops accept cash only, so these money exchange and atm machines are available for your convenience.

If you spend ¥5,000 or more (and if you’re a foreigner visiting Japan and have your passport with you), you can also take advantage of the tax refund here.

Plat Tsukiji_ATM Money Exchange Tax Refund Counter Vendo Machine
Plat Tsukiji_ATM Money Exchange Tax Refund Counter Vendo Machine

6. In case you need to know, a smoking area is available

This is self-explanatory – for the smokers out there, there is a smoking room inside the building.

Plat Tsukiji is located at 104-0045 Tokyo, Chuo City, Tsukiji, 4 Chome−16-2 Senjagaku Building 1st floor. It’s the place with the big “Information” sign posted outside – the place is at the right side of Namiyoke Dori street when coming from the entrance of Tsukiji Fish Market. Check out this video from Tsukiji TV for more information on how to find it from Tsukiji station.

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