Trying Out the Iconic Tamagoyaki-on-a-Stick at Tsukiji Yamacho

Tsukiji Yamacho serves one of the most iconic street food experience in Tsukiji Fish Market (and indeed a must-try street food in Tsukiji) – the soft and fluffy Tamagoyaki (egg omelet) on a stick!

It’s so popular, it probably commands the busiest and longest queue out of all street food stalls in Tsukiji Market – note that even if they serve their tamagoyaki very quickly and the queue gets served quickly, the queue to this store remains busy still.

Tsukiji Yamacho is located just right at the entrance of the main street of Namiyoke Dori Street near the iconic Tsukiji signage, so it’s impossible to miss this store especially with the thick crowd of tourists queueing up to get a taste of this fluffy delicacy.

Thick crowd queueing up at the storefront of Tsukiji Yamacho
The thick crowd queueing up to the storefront. But don’t worry, it doesn’t take a lot of time to get your hands on their tamagoyaki. 🙂

As soon as I lined up to the long queue, everything went very quickly and smoothly and everyone in front of me got served as quickly as possible, just like clockwork, so you need to be ready with your cash (¥150 per serving of tamagoyaki.)

As you approach the storefront, you will be greeted by the tamagoyaki master making up batches of tamagoyaki at a time and beside him is the counter where you’ll get asked how many you want – be prepared to be served your tamagoyaki right away so get your cash in handy or else you’ll hold up the line, and it can be a little embarrassing if that happens. 😉

Tamagoyaki Cooking Station

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a proper shot of the tamagoyaki guy working his magic at the egg stations as everything went very quickly I didn’t want to hold the line. Too bad because of this I also wasn’t able to get a proper shot of my own tamagoyaki as my hands were full as well. 🙁

As for the star of the show, their Tamagoyaki is light and simple yet very tasty (it’s sweet and savory at the same time, but it’s light on the tastebuds, allowing the natural flavor and aroma of the tamago (egg) to standout), and the texture is equally light as well, it’s fluffy and a little buttery, it’s a velvety soft experience inside the mouth. They also serve their Tamagoyaki still steaming hot as it’s freshly made.

Tamagoyaki on a stick at Tsukiji Yamacho
They serve their Tamagoyaki still steaming hot.. It’s just not showing in this photo lol.

But it’s probably the simplicity of this tamagoyaki that makes it even more intriguing, like how can this simple thing be one of the most heavenly street food out there?

Anyway if you want, they also have ice cold beer at their stall for ¥550 so you can pair it up with your tamagoyaki-on-a-stick as you chow on it beside the store.

Other Tamagoyaki variants for sale at Tsukiji Yamacho

They also have other Tamagoyaki variants for sale that are more specialized and even more expensive – the one that caught my eye is their Tamagoyaki that’s filled with kani (crabsticks) – it’s probably makes for an amazing snack / side dish, however it’s a bit on the expensive side (but the serving’s huge though, so it makes up for the price.)

Tsukiji Yamacho is located at 4-10-10 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku,Tokyo. They are usually open from 6AM to 3:30PM.

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