11 Must-Try Street Food in Tsukiji Fish Market

Ahh Tsukiji! If you’re not into fish markets, you better still consider paying a visit to Tsukiji Fish Market because this one-of-a-kind fish market is a culinary haven in Tokyo and it’s one of the best places to go to for street food when in the city and undoubtedly the best thing to do in Tsukiji Fish Market, and you will not want to miss out.

Food at Tsukiji is so fresh, it is probably one of the only places you can get raw uni (sea urchin) for street food. Now I’m gonna stop dilly-dallying and get straight to the point. Here are my

11 must-try street food in Tsukiji Fish Market

There are A LOT of street food options at Tsukiji, but there are things that you just got to have or else you’ve never really visited Tsukiji. If you ask me, here’s what’s on my list.

1. Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelet) on a stick at Tsukiji Yamacho

Tamagoyaki on a stick at Tsukiji Yamacho

The first thing on my list is the Tamagoyaki-on-a-stick at Tsukiji Yamacho. As it’s near the main market entrance this is probably the first thing you’ll see, and it has a long queue for a reason – it’s simple yet the quality is amazing. The egg omelet is so fluffy and tasted savory yet sweet at the same time.

There are other tamagoyaki versions you can get at Tsukiji Yamacho, but the tamagoyaki is their most popular one which everyone lines up for. And oh, you can also get beer from here to pair up with your egg-on-a-stick.

Tsukiji Yamacho Tamagoyaki Storefront
The storefront of Tsukiji Yamachou

2. Fried Fish Cake with Corn at Aji No Hamato Tsukiji Honten

At a corner in the inner streets of Tsukiji is Aji No Hamato Tsukiji Honten which is famous for its fried fish cake with corn – it’s another street food spot in Tsukiji that many tourists line up for. Their Fried Fish Cake with Corn is the bomb – a golden armor of corn kernels with a chewy fish cake inside.

Fish Cakes at Aji No Hamato Tsukiji Honten
A multitude of different kinds of fried fish cakes for sale at Aji No Hamato Tsukiji Honten

3. A5 Wagyu on a stick

You will come across many different stores selling A5 Grade Wagyu on a stick at Tsukiji Fish Market – obviously Wagyu beef is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s definitely worth it just to get a taste of that buttery, melt in your mouth Wagyu beef.

Some stores also sell Wagyu on a stick topped with uni (sea urchin) making it even more rich (and even more expensive).

A5 Grade Wagyu on a Stick at Tsukiji Fish Market

4. Strawberry Daifuku Mochi

It’s like a tiny edible present, with pillowy-soft mochi cradling a sweet and juicy strawberry.

You’ll find many stores selling this treat, but the most popular shop (definitely head to this store for anything strawberry) in Tsukiji is called “Tsukiji Soratsuki”.

Strawberry Daifuku Mochi

5. Fresh Uni (sea urchin)

It’s a tad expensive, but fresh uni is worth trying out at Tsukiji. It’s so simple, it’s just that – rich, creamy, briny uni that’s as luxurious as edible silk. They serve uni on its spiky black shell for the show, and it just adds to the experience of eating fresh uni.

You can get your fresh uni at the Saito Suisan store, and at the many other stores in Tsukiji selling bite-sized fresh seafood.

Fresh Uni at Tsukiji Fish Market

6. Iced Matcha Latte at Matcha Stand Maruni

If all that street food is making you thirsty, the best spot to get a specialty drink in Tsukiji is at Matcha Stand Maruni – it’s a new place that’s very popular on social media right now, and one of their most popular drinks is the Iced Matcha Latte.

The cool thing about this store is that they actually whisk the matcha and pour it on your drink right in front of you, and that adds to the experience of having an authentic matcha drink right in Tsukiji.

Iced Matcha Latte at Matcha Stand Maruni

7. Grilled seafood

A lot of stalls at Tsukiji sell grilled fresh seafood (from squids to scallops to crab legs and everything in between) and you’ll be spoilt for choices when you walk through the market.

My personal favorites are the grilled tuna (maguro) in light shoyu sauce and grilled jumbo prawns.

Fresh grilled seafood at Tsukiji Fish Market

8. Fresh melon slices

The Japanese are very particular with the quality of their fruits, and one of the more well-loved is the humble melon – they’re sweet and chewy and so juicy, you just have to try it when in Tsukiji where many fruit stores sell em.

Fresh melon slices

9. Monja Croquette Tsukiji Croquette

Monja Croquettes are croquettes filled with monjayaki – a type of Japanese pan-type fried batter similar to Okonomiyaki, only less pancake-y and with the croquette at Tsukiji Croquette it’s filled with stir-fried noodles with cabbage.

You can choose from different toppings such as seafood, laver and bonito flakes, and kimchi (kimuchi), but my personal favorite is their monja croquette topped with spicy cod roe mayonnaise (mentai sauce) that makes it pink.

Monja Croquette available at Tsukiji Croquette

10. Pickled Cucumber-on-a-stick

Yes I know it’s weird, but it’s a thing in the Japanese street food scene especially during the summertime when the days are hot and you need a refreshing treat – enter the pickled cucumber-on-a-stick! Japanese pickles in general are called tsukemono, but this one being sold in the streets in particular is called Kyuri Asazuke.

They’re served cold and tastes sweet, sour, and salty at the same time. The crunch and the coolness from the cucumber makes this a refreshing treat.

Kyuri Asazuke (Cucumber on a Stick)

11. Sushi and Sashimi

I usually associate sushi and sashimi with proper sit-down restaurants and fine dining, but here at Tsukiji Fish Markets you’ll find these cool sushi and sashimi bars just along the street, so I’m making these restaurants part of my street-food list – there are even stand-in sushi restaurants in random corners of the market.

Stand Up Sushi Restaurant in Tsukiji Fish Market
A stand-up Sushi Restaurant in Tsukiji Fish Market

Since Tsukiji Fish Market has been historically known as the top source of the freshest seafood in Tokyo, trying out fresh sushi and sashimi when you’re in Tsukiji is definitely a must-try.

Customers dining at a Tsukiji Sashimi Restaurant

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